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3rd Annual St Joseph Orphanage Charity Race

December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Here are the photos and the results for the 3rd Annual St Joseph Orphanage Charity Race at The Ohio RC Factory. We raised $310 from entries and $212 from the raffles and a $20 donation for a grand total of $542. Plus a generous amount of toys!! A special thanks to Ralph Baker and his family for donating two bikes, helmets and bags of other toys. I would personally like to thank everyone that came out and supported this event. I would also like to thank Curt Schlichter for a great track and a smooth program. Also a big thanks to my sponsors where without your support this wouldn’t be possible. AKA, Hitec, Hobbico, Boca Bearings, J Concepts, Venom and AE.

10817305_10152963082024868_1379322365_o 10847071_10152963082199868_982363890_n 10847102_10152963081929868_14595730_n 10847110_10152963082244868_778419371_n 10853842_10152963081689868_1172082789_o 10859558_10152963082079868_624998324_n 10866666_10152963082204868_1899374841_n 10866932_10152963082074868_1747249336_n 10872172_10152963082064868_1056366453_n 10876442_10152963081909868_392980543_o 10876567_10152963081964868_1596811994_o 10883061_10152963081899868_1071243047_o 10884457_10152963081754868_1421589400_n 10884697_10152963082249868_167541874_n 10884838_10152963082069868_1584375376_n 10884947_10152963081939868_1116274478_n

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Give Aways for the Toys For Tots race Dec. 20th 2014

December 16, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Here are some pics of the giveaways and the raffle prizes for the St. Joseph’s Orphanage Race this Saturday at The Ohio RC Factory. Once again the sponsors really stepped up with over $1,300 worth of product to giveaway. Plus really cool hardware up for grabs. Don’t forget this is a Charity Race for the kids, so please bring a toy to donate. For infants all the way up to 18 years of age. Hope to see you there!!!!


10840042_10152946577719868_1053593640_o 10840063_10152946577459868_470219378_o 10855923_10152946577704868_619918937_o 10860323_10152946577689868_1793348893_o

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Third Annual St’Joseph Charity Race

December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Here it is guys the flyer for the Third Annual St’Joseph Charity Race at The Ohio R/C Factory. There will be lots of good giveaways and raffle prizes from AKA, Hitec. J Concepts, Hobbico, Boca Bearings,Venom, AE and some cool hardware up for grabs. This is a Charity Race so please bring a Toy to Donate for the KIDS, please no dollar store items. Let’s pull together and do some good with this hobby for those Kids that have nothing. So come on out and get some track time before the Midwest Race and HELP A KID IN NEED


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The Ohio RC Factory Announces First Ever Stock Worlds!

December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Saturday February 14, 2015
Classes: 17.5 2 wheel buggy, stadium truck, 2 wheel sct and 13.5 4wheel buggy.
ALL class will be ran in blinky mode and ROAR legal car, motor and battery!!

Huge Trophies for TQ and Top 3!!

Flyer and all more info Coming Soon!

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Flyer for the Winter Midwest Champs!

December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

10818450_10152915552754868_4186700207336578601_o (1)

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Black Friday Nitro Race Winners

December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

KIMG00561 KIMG00571 KIMG00591

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Black Friday Electric Race

December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Here are the winner’s pics and results from the Black Friday Race at The Ohio R/C Factory. Nice job guys, there was $840 worth of Midwest Race Entries Won thanks to Curt Schlichter and some giveaways from Boca Bearings. See you all at the next event 12-20-2014, The St Joseph Orphanage Race.


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Thanksgiving Charity Race.

December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

This is what it was all about guys, we raised $320 from the entries and $437 from the raffles that the sponsors sent in for a total of $757 benefiting the Champaign County Caring Kitchen. Thank you to all the Sponsors, AKA, Hitec, Venom, Hobbico, Duratrax, Boca Bearings, Atomic, J Concepts and AE Also a special thanks to Curt Schlichter and The Ohio R/C Factory for hosting it this year. Hope to see you all at the next Charity Race benefiting the St. Joseph Orphanage on the 20th of December.



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Winners From the Nitro Halloween Bash!

October 26, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

IMG_5697_1 IMG_5696 IMG_5695 IMG_5694

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2nd Annual Halloween Bash 10/18/2014

October 14, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin