3rd Annual St Joseph Orphanage Charity Race

December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized by admin

Here are the photos and the results for the 3rd Annual St Joseph Orphanage Charity Race at The Ohio RC Factory. We raised $310 from entries and $212 from the raffles and a $20 donation for a grand total of $542. Plus a generous amount of toys!! A special thanks to Ralph Baker and his family for donating two bikes, helmets and bags of other toys. I would personally like to thank everyone that came out and supported this event. I would also like to thank Curt Schlichter for a great track and a smooth program. Also a big thanks to my sponsors where without your support this wouldn’t be possible. AKA, Hitec, Hobbico, Boca Bearings, J Concepts, Venom and AE.

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